The Closing Process by #CoachCherie

Closing is not just one question at the end of a meeting. As a business coach (#CoachCherie) I explain closing techniques. Business coaching simplifies closing.
A close is a process, it is a sequence. A close is a sequence of minor decisions which lead to a major decision. So closing is a decision making process, which, when mastered will help your clients to make a decision.
The reason for taking your clients through a closing process, is that having to take a decision causes fear. Fear causes procrastination.
Close your clients all the time, with gentle agreements, using the A,B,C process – aBC stands for: Always Be Closing.
Use trial closes at first, in order to establish agreement. Once you have reached agreement, move to your final close and final decision.
So many entrepreneurs fail to get the appointment, fail to get the deal, fail to get the order, fail to get the contract, simp,y because they have never been taught how to close & lack the Skillset required to do the job.