What Value do you add?

There are Two Boxes above your Head

There are two little boxes above your head as you go off to work each day.

  1. The first box is labelled “WHAT DO I COST?
  2. The second is labelled :”WHAT VALUE DO I ADD?

You should always ensure that you cost less than the value you add, or conversely, that you add way more value than you cost your company!
When companies make retrenchment decisions, they weed out the people whose boxes are out of alignment.
In other words, the people who go first, are those who add less value than they cost.
Remember, that even if you are part of the Results Economy, & you only earn commission, you STILL come at a cost. You cost your portion of rent, your desk space, your phone usage etc.

Take care of your boxes!

By cherie-eilertsen


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