Is your skill-set relevant?


In the “old days” (30 years ago), the Skills which we gleaned in our 20’s could carry us through our 35 or 40 year working career and hold us in good stead right up until retirement.

No more! New business skills are needed for the journey ahead. The ever changing vista of today’s business world, requires constant upskilling, if we are to stay current & employable.

The skills which enabled us to market, brand & advertise in the past are no longer held by outsourced service providers.

  • We are the architects of our marketing & branding campaigns.
  • We are the publishers of our stories
  • We are the custodians of our futures

Take time to sharpen the axe! Make time to acquire a business skill set which is current. It is different to the skills which you needed before.

Stay Current & Stay in business!

by cherie-eilertsen


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