Business has entered the Results Economy

Time Money Value

The world has shifted from a Time & Effort economy, to a Results economy.

In this digital language era, our time & effort has little or no value. Companies can no longer pay employees for their time. Only old fashioned, bureaucratic companies will continue to reward time. Companies that understand that the foundation stones have shifted, will have made the transition into the Results Economy.

  • They will reward results… very well.
  • They will focus on results.
  • They will recruit according to skillsets which can deliver specific results

And so, the KPA’s (Key performance Areas) of the future, & the staff reviews of the future, will be discussions around the delivery of results. If you want to keep your job… deliver!

Results are employable, time is not.
Gone are the days where you only had to show up with a beating heart in order to justify a pay cheque.
Today’s business economy demands results!
Will YOU deliver?


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